Meeting with B.F. in our office: analysis of risk, wishes, financial capacity of B.F. 





A proposal has been made to B.F to make a partnership with In-Vesta: B.F. received 50% in cash for the land and the house from In-Vesta at stage 0 + B.F.and In-Vesta will jointly develop a real estate project on that land and will share profit on the future sale of the land for that project ( 2 individual houses + 2 apartments )

In-Vesta is in charge of financing the project, to define real estate project : Bi-monthly meeting with B.F to explain progress.

After implementation of construction permit , start of the commercialisation with future owners (In-Vesta only)

Supervision of  financing for the future owners, preparation of final signature with notaire - future owners - B.F and In-Vesta

After 30 days of signature, start of construction on site with constructor partner . Monthly meeting with new owners - constructor. Delivery  after 15 months. 

Financial report of the case : double gain and a lucrative partnership  with In-Vesta.


B.F. found the best solution : immediate cash on 50% of his land to spend; a trustful and experimented partnership in real estate development without spending excessing time, limited knowledge and increased return in the future sale of villas.




B.F. just inherited a house with 2000m2 land in Geneva.

He is looking to make some substantial return with this gift, but how?